Online Schooling: The Road (Best) Not Taken?

Gertrude Bear on July 2, 2022 at 7:39 pm said:
Debate 8 Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children.
In Canada is there too much digital access their play places and people still using the Internet with electronics. I agree there is a degree of health impacts and concerns. For example, distractions are a great concern for elementary students with too much electronic Internet use. This in turn creates issues of isolation and it also leads to lack of outdoor physical activity. Especially for elementary students. It is also said to be an imperfect substitute for online learning. There is a level of inequality for online users. I see the level of distractions with my own grandchildren period it is becoming a bad habit to be so engrossed by the internet period i also agree with the disagree side because of the areas of flexibility, small groups, time, fewer distractions/ are key to adult learning online I’m not versed are informed for students and their children because they do not see it first hand or daily

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I was part of the “agree” side for the debate topic “online schooling is detrimental to the academic and social development of students.”

Some of our main debate points were:

  • Online schooling impedes socialization, which is particularly harmful for students in primary and elementary school
  • Online schooling is particularly troublesome for our at-risk students who depend on schools as their “safe place”
  • Online schooling has only limited options for PAA and other hands-on classes
  • Online schooling leads to social isolation, which is detrimental to students with mental health challenges
  • Online schooling increases students’ screen time which has adverse health effects
  • Online schooling serves to exacerbate the digital divide

The “disagree” side had the following points:

  • Online schooling provides flexible learning opportunities
  • Online schooling allows students to take greater ownership over their own learning
  • Online schooling more readily allows for interest-based learning
  • Online schooling allows students to develop and improve…

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