Cultivating Digital Footprints in School: The Times They Are A-Changin’

Gertrude BearYour comment is awaiting moderation.

CommentDebate 7 In education and schools, are they responsible for developing a digital footprint or helping to students TO CREATE a digital footprint? WE need TO TEACH appropriate digital skills to ward off long term consequences. There must be less reactive responses and more preventative measures. This is the agree side the discussion was to cultivate positive digital front print to have more community involvement to achieve positive digital footprints foster change in the digital technological policy. There were also major concerns with parental sharing of digital information prior to entering school. Another area of concern was the proper instruction for educators when relied upon to teach the digital aspect of technology with their students. The onus that parents who shared their child’s technology / digital information does not leave teachers at an advantage because it is already “footprinted on the internet”. So how do we address the issue?
On the disagree side we need more security with kids on the internet. There is lack of parental control and mechanisms in place for children and the teacher need the digital skills to adapt with students today. With teachers there needs to be advanced training for the 21st century. The training and specific skills taught to parents and students will rectify problems and curb the “foot printing” and add a more positive presence for universally for all involved. The controlled environment with properly explained rules and guidelines will be taught universally to ADDRESS current and future problems,
I ENJOYED the debate on both sides, and I often was not aware of the greater problem. I have become aware and I will continue to seek or address online foot printing that is safe for all involved/ Thank you for your input and hard work/


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