Debate number 3 school should no longer teach skills that can easily be carried out by technology in my vote I disagree the article quote school is boring and irrelevant UN quote the students need innovative skills and need motivation to succeed they also need to be competitive in a globalized workforce they need to be able to create and be apart of innovative driven economy end. The old school ways are in today’s society vintage but vintage is worth money today old way of school with every aspect of sub subject of learning needs to be brought back. In order to learn with technology to keep kids creative, motivated and keep them exceling in their learning. Thus reducing the idea that quote school is boring and irrelevant UN quote I think this article is portraying a teachers complacent attitude towards teaching and their lack of technological skills. A renewed passion for teaching and a robust fever from learning students who are willing to motivate to learn and to create. This will lead to motivating their peers also. The article gives awareness to terminology like menial tasks. Intrinsic motivation, deep insight and wisdom, creative abilities, and technology is essential to society. I think the debate was presented well with good articles. It offered great information and it reminded me of my difficulties with technology in my day and age. I also think of the positives for young people to excel and create the best things possible with technology, that will advance their age and knowledge. Another idea from the disagree debate I was listening to spelling errors grammatical error age old negative impact technical availability I think technology reduces grammatical error. The critical thinking skills are more actively addressed with repetition of skills and old school teaching, using technology teaches but not effectively as all school teaching by repeatedly teaching skills to read write and create I think electronic handwriting is adaptable but handwriting with real hands is a skill that needs to be repeatedly learned in order to master it. It was a great debate and I learned some new terminology and I learn some new ideas and I was very grateful for all the information thank you

McKenna's Corner

Before I launch this blog post, I’d love to give credit to our opposition, Leah and Sushmeet. They did a fantastic job presenting the facts, and Leah raised some excellent points during our back and forth that stumped me a few times! 

Debates are enjoyable, but as someone who enjoys making a competition out of everything in life, I found myself more wound up about basic skills than I thought I would be. Reflecting with my group mates and opponent after I had decided it would not matter what side of the debate I was on. I would have felt passionate about it because I like to win. That is not what these debates are about, but that is a retrospective view, not my feelings, as we were skillfully trying to persuade our classmates with our statistics and readings. 

Should basic skills be taught in schools, or is…

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