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debate #5 debate #5 titled social media is ruining childhood they agree side discussed topics like social media dominated, negative influence, and cyber bully. It was linked to social media use. I agree that these issues always come back to the parent first and the teacher second. Their awareness issues that need to be apart of the automatic essential teachings before a person uses social media or technology. I think the permission to access technology or social media is fundamental to reduce the ongoing problems. I’m not saying it is ruining childhood but it plays a key part in a large number of families lives and it’s and the scenario are the example is it’s like candy or a babysitter. There are rules when we give out candy and there are stricter rules when we have a babysitter. Although tablets laptops and some phones have become the new babysitter for the disagree side it was discussed about controversial debates, context electronic communication, community collaboration, face to face, and open and creative communities, social and emotional barriers, bonding and the marginalized population, we need to address good parenting with technology we need to have parental limits we need to be informed with technological informed about the technological loopholes bouts Lang Lang slang language and addictions to technology. It was said childhood changes with age, groups and with decades and now centuries, this gives rise to create more awareness of technology, issues not only acceptable but safety not only acceptance but safety parameters, protective routines, and stricter accessibility rules within the home and within the school.

Digital Discourse

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I was very nervous when we started our debate and my nerves ran high until the end of class. I was so in the mind set of go, that when we broke into break out groups for the second debate my brain hadn’t caught up and I thought I was in the debaters room. Needless to say my fellow students were greatly confused by my concerned “I don’t think I’m supposed to be in this room.” Well that’s in the past and I can now hang that anecdote on a collection of other embarrassing moments.

As with many of us I was a little late signing up and ended up going for an argument I didn’t totally agree with. I do feel that real world connections are important and can create stronger, and in some cases more honest, bond. Films like also created a anger towards the…

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